The University of Hong Kong

Picture book teaching

We took part in the Quality Education Fund Thematic Network on Kindergarten Education (Whole-person Development) organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Centre for University & School Partnership in 2012-2013. We were recognised as a school that fosters whole-person development.

Built around “picture book teaching”, the programme was aimed at:
  • enhancing teachers’ art skills and teaching strategies
  • unleashing children’s art potential
  • creating a diverse art environment, enriching children’s perceptual experience and enhancing their aesthetic.

”Play, Learn, Grow in Hong Kong Kindergartens”

We took part in the “Play. Learn. Grow” programme launched by the Centre for University & School Partnership under the auspices of the Education Bureau, designing a play-based curriculum that promotes children’s whole-person development.

Built around “play”, the programme was aimed at:

  • unleashing children’s potential by through providing them with a play-based school curriculum
  • establishing a professional learning group that fosters exchange of ideas between our school and other schools
  • organising workshops for parents that support the play-based curriculum and promote children’s whole-person development.